INSPIRE Activities

INSPIRE events at ICBM2016

Mentoring breakfast

This an opportunity to network with other students and gain valuable insight from mentor attendees. The breakfast will be fairly informal so even if you don’t know anyone at the Congress, you will by the end! If you wish to attend, please add this function to your registration by clicking here.

Social Event

INSPIRE, the early career group for the ISBM is hosting a social event directly after Poster Viewing Session #2.

Students and early career delegates are invited to join us at the Atrium Bar and Lounge at the Pullman Hotel from 7pm to enjoy a beverage and light snack, mingle, and network with other early career researchers and practitioners with an interest in behavioural medicine from across the globe.

INSPIRE Career Transitions Panel

INSPIRE, the early career group for the ISBM invites students and early career researchers to attend the Career Transitions Panel. At this lunchtime session, ECRs will have the chance to ask our panellists about their career transitions within academia, including researchers who have worked across multiple countries and roles. Panellists include researchers at various points in their career from a range of international institutions.

INSPIRE events at ICBM 2014

INSPIRE Midday Roundtable

The INSPIRE midday roundtable will bring together behavioural scientists from various career stages. This is an opportunity for early career researchers to learn from the experiences of senior researchers at various stages and disciplines. Senior researchers will be asked to reflect on how they achieved milestones in their career and to provide advice for up-and-coming researchers within behavioural medicine. The roundtable will also provide an environment for interactive discussions and is a great chance to get some of your common career questions answered.

[UPDATE] You can read Dr Ellinor Olander’s excellent summary of the midday roundtable here 

Poster mentoring

Are you presenting a poster at ICBM? Would you like to be matched with a mentor to discuss your research (or other issues) while at the congress? As an early career researcher you can indicate interest in being “visited” by a mentor during the poster sessions. It will be up to mentors/mentees to decide how long you’d like to chat, and the topics of conversation.

What past mentees have said about mentoring activities at ICBM… “It is a wonderful experience and I found it very beneficial” “It is a useful way of sharing your work with people more experienced in the field and hearing what they have to say about the type of work you’re involved in.”

Poster mentoring at ICBM 2014 is a great way to get connected with established researchers who will be attending the congress and builds on the successful mentoring activities INSPIRE and the Education and Training Committee have run in previous years.


INSPIRE was excited to be involved in the 2012 International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Budapest. We were involved in three major activities during the congress.

  • 2012 Satellite forum: Getting Research into Policy and Practice: Advancing the Science for Dissemination and Implementation in Behavioral Medicine

Jointly organized by the International Collaborative Studies Committee, the Organisation Liaison Committee and the INSPIRE special interest group, the ICBM 2012’s Pre-Congress Forum  successfully drew on the knowledge and experience of expert speakers and forum participants from around the world, in order to learn more about research related to the implementation of research findings into policy and practice as applied to health issues in different settings and countries, theoretical frameworks, models, research approaches and measures that can be used to undertake dissemination and implementation research in behavioral medicine and to identify ways of working together in the future to further advance the evidence base for better implementation and translation of behavioural medicine interventions, globally.

All of the presentations are now available from the ISBM website.

  • 2012 Speed mentoring

A one-hour opportunity for early career researchers to meet briefly with more established researchers in the field. Early career researchers rotated around the tables of mentors in a structured manner, asking any questions they have for each mentor (5 minutes with each mentor). This activity provided a low-commitment opportunity for more established researchers to provide support and advice to a wide variety of early career researchers.

Mentoring Speed Dating

  • 2012 Social gathering


INSPIRE grew out of early career network activities at the 2010 International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Washington DC. Early career network activities from that congress are described below:

  • 2010 ECN pre-conference workshop: “Cross Cultural Research in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management” – Edwin B. FisherBrian Oldenburg, Renée I. Boothroyd, Carina K. Chan, Marisa Finn

Research on health promotion, prevention and management of chronic diseases provides numerous challenges, including the identification of appropriate outcomes and indicators of benefit (e.g., behavior change and/or clinical indicators and/or quality of life), identification of reliable measures that can be used efficiently in clinical or community settings, and developing ways to characterize key features of programs while allowing flexibility to tailor programs to organizational strengths and differences in cultural, population, and health system features. These challenges are heightened in international efforts to study and promote behavioral medicine interventions.

This workshop reviewed several approaches to addressing these challenges, while showing early career investigators how to enhance their contributions to global literature on health promotion and self management of chronic disease. 

ICBM 2010

  • 2010 Informal social gathering

First ever INSPIRE social gathering - group shot

  • 2010 Early career network roundtable

If you would like to suggest INSPIRE activities from our next meeting – the 2014 International Congress of Behavioral Medicine please contact Carina Chan